Fine Art Selection & Saleable Art

I find myself in the fortunate position to have won three world-class titles for fine art.
These titles have come from years of refining my skill and training my ‘eye’ to see what others miss – an image that is pure, striking or awesome in its power and beauty.

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”
~ Pablo Picasso ~

Over the years, on assignment, I have found myself in a great many places and situations with the most amazing images right in front of me. Some were so breath-taking that I missed recording the image on many occasions. At those times I was relaxing and not thinking ‘photography’, but instead I was being totally absorbed by the beauty of what I was seeing and feeling privileged to be there.

My friends and family complained when I related my awe and appreciation of what I had seen, because (as a photographer) I am supposed to snap away! I do try to remember to capture the images that I see when I am relaxing or holidaying, and now I have quite a few of my art works hanging in homes all over the world. Unfortunately most are not in SA, as it seems few South Africans recognise photography as an art form, but many visitors do.

I have been commissioned to shoot art collections for quite a few companies. These you will not find here, as the images belong to the commissioning company. I do have other images for sale, or you can commission me to photograph for your own collection.

Call me and let us chat if you want to know more.

Not only are we passionate about nature and wildlife, we are also extremely experienced in this field of photography. As a result we have been used by calendar companies, magazines and book production houses to work in the wilds of Africa covering a large range of photographic projects and assignments. These range from professional hunting to anti poaching, nature and wildlife conservation, translocation projects, and calendar photography.

We also have an extensive library of Nature and Wildlife photos available for hire.